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Thumm & Co., manufacturer of staircase bolts – made in Germany

Bolts for free-carrying stairs mainly consist of the stone or wooden steps and staircase bolts. Wall-free (WF) two-bolt stairs with 2 staircase bolts (WF2) or wall-embedded (WE) with a single staircase bolt in the stairwell (WE1) are used in a single-family home. As a manufacturer of staircase bolts, we supply over 13 different types (Type 20, Type 23, Type 24, Type 25, Type 26, Type 28, Type 29) and flexurally rigid staircase bolts (Type 16, Type 17, Type 19). Our Type 18 stainless steel V4A load-bearing bolts are used outdoors. We have, naturally enough, all necessary ETA European technical approvals.

We supply all staircase bolts in over 10 different surface finishes. These include chrome-plated, nickel-plated, gold-plated, antique copper, antique brass, matt chrome, matt nickel, zinc-plated, white, black and, naturally, stainless steel.

Take a look here at our extensive staircase bolt range: