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The free-carrying stair is both an excellent and practical choice in new building constructions and, especially, during the renovation of staircases, thanks to its flexibility of integration. The hand rail also fulfils no supporting function in the case of "System Thumm" free-carrying staircases. This is a seemingly minor, but very important difference to the many other wooden stair systems on the market. The design freedom achieved for the banister is therefore absolutely unlimited.

The installation of a free-carrying stone or wooden staircase is, naturally enough, also possible in the case of timber and prefabricated houses.

We are more than happy to help you when it comes to the planning of particularly exclusive staircases (e.g. with Plexiglas steps). Please talk to our experienced specialists.

A planning aid for free-carrying staircases and banister systems is available for downloading as a pdf file. A tender specification for free-carrying staircases rounds off this planning aid.

We would be delighted to invite you to our seminars addressing the topic of free-carrying stairs and banister systems held during the winter months. The seminars are designed for stair builders, planners, stonemasons and joiners. The dates and a registration form are available at NEWS/SEMINARS. Participation is free of charge for our customers.